NAWS 2016 Annual Report


We have posted the Annual Report and mailed a copy to Conference participants, regions, and service offices. You can find the report online here or order a hard copy from NAWS customer service or online shopping cart:

Along with the Annual Report, for the first time we have created a printable infographic “Annual Report in Brief” that captures some of the key data in the report. The AR in Brief is posted in two different formats, both of which are intended for print rather than reading online.

If you would like multiple copies of the AR in Brief for your workshop or areas or groups, please write to and we will send you what you need.

Project Reminders

A few reminder about input deadlines:

  • Mental Health/Illness IP Project—Ideas about what you would like to see in such an IP are due 1 June. For more information:
  • Daily Meditation Book—Ideas about what you would like to see in a new meditation book are due 1 June. For more information:
  • Convention & Events Toolbox—A draft of a potential tool for those working on convention and events program is posted for input until 15 June
  • Local Service Toolbox—A draft of CBDM Basics has been posted for input until 5 July