Getting Involved

Hello family!

I’m so blessed to be a member of Narcotics Anonymous in the “Recovery is Possible” area. We are a talented and beautiful group of people. It’s time to use our gifts to help other sick and suffering addicts.

It has come to my attention that our subcommittees are lacking the necessary support to help these addicts. There are plenty of opportunities to get involved. The subcommittees in Narcotics Anonymous offer a wide variety of ways for individuals to get involved. Whether it’s bringing a meeting to addicts locked up in jail, or helping to set up for an NA dance, WE NEED YOUR HELP!

We cannot do this on our own. I enjoy watching this area come together and help one another get one more day clean.

Let’s give back what was so freely given to us. We work best when we work together.

All of this sounds super corny, but at the end of they day, without these subcommittees and the addicts willing to do service work, I don’t think I’d be typing this right now. I owe everything I have to the people in Narcotics Anonymous and I’m grateful to be clean just for today.

Carlee H.