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“B There or B Square” Reopens on 9-16-2020

“B There or B Square” Reopens on 9-16-2020 Wednesday 7:00 – 8:30 PM 111 N. Chestnut St., Rochester

“Back to Brockport” Reconvening Outdoors

Starting July 17, the “Back to Brockport” Meeting will be holding the Thursday night meeting outdoors. Please bring your own chairs and coffee and were a mask. The Saturday meeting will not convene until further notice.

URGENT! ALL Meetings are Temporarily Suspended per Governor Cuomo’s mandate:

IMPORTANT! ALL Meetings are Temporarily Suspended (NYS Mandate) Because 12 step programs logically fall in the non-essential category, ALL RASC meetings are temporarily suspended. What’s nonessential: bars, restaurants, malls, movie theaters, gyms, businesses providing grooming services (barbershops, nail salons, and

Back to Brockport Meeting is Looking for Support.

Back to Brockport Meeting  Thursday and Saturday 7:30-8:30 PM Thursday – Basic Text Saturday – Open Discussion Come learn how to Share & Care the NA Way. “It’s not recovery that is painful; our resistance to it is what hurts.”

Principals B4 Personalities New Start Time

“Couch Potatoes in Recovery” group has new location

Couch Potatoes in Recovery  Has changed its location… Old Location: 1200 South Winton Rd. New Location:  1190 South Winton Rd., Room 26 Meeting is now held in the church directly across from old location.   RASC PR