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Recovery & Relapse is asking all attendees to enter the meeting through the BACK door of the building at: 758 South Ave. on Sunday evenings at 7:30.   Thank you! RASC Public Relations

Buffalo 2nd Inner City Convention (May 3-5, 2019)

August 2018 Minutes

Recovery & Relapse Meeting Has Moved (8-25-2018)

The Sunday night meeting, “Recovery & Relapse“, has moved. OLD Address: 415 South Ave. Rochester, NY NEW Address: 758 South Ave. Same time: 7:30 – 9:00 PM

New Literature Form is now available

New Activities Meeting

RACNA 25 Next Meeting (Sept. 22nd 4-6 PM)

RACNA 25 Next MeetingĀ  Sept. 22ndĀ  4-6 PM 243 Rosedale St.   RACNA 25 Calendar

Updated Literature Order Form

New Meeting “You’re Never Alone” 48 Cameron St.

Speakers Needed For 2019 NUACNA Convention