Pat F. Celebrates 26 Years (January 16th 2020)

Pat F. will be celebrating her 26 year anniversary Thursday January 16th  at the NA Speaker and Discussion homegroup which meets at 1410 Clifford Ave @ 7:00pm-8:30pm. Come and help Pat celebrate her years in recovery!!!

December 2019 Minutes

Principals B4 Personalities New Start Time

Taalib A. Celebrates 21 Years (Feb. 5th, 2020)

RASC Area’s New Location

Paulette M. Celebrates 27 (Jan. 25, 2020)

Anthony B. Celebrates 12 (Feb. 15 2020)

Reginald B. Celebrates 9 Years (Jan. 18, 2020)

“Couch Potatoes in Recovery” group has new location

Couch Potatoes in Recovery  Has changed its location… Old Location: 1200 South Winton Rd. New Location:  1190 South Winton Rd., Room 26 Meeting is now held in the church directly across from old location.   RASC PR

November 2019 Minutes