RASC Newsletter # 15 - Oct. 16, 2016


Planning for Our Future

First, let me apologize for the tone of this newsletter.  It is somewhat of a rant but needed to be said.

In this month’s newsletter, I am struggling for focus and inspiration but can’t seemed to get there.  I have made a list of topics that I would like to cover someday and will include them at the end of this newsletter.

 We (the collective conscience of numerous addicts interviewed) are asking this Area to step up and offer some help in the form of service.  We need each other and We are asking for help. 

In my case, as a member of NA and of Public Relations, I started helping to bring life back to our weary web site and slowly took the lead because of my skill set and passion.  Somehow, along the way, we lost one of our webmasters.  Since then, I have tried to pass my knowledge off to the remaining webmaster but the going has been slow due to workload and scheduling.   Maintaining the website, newsletter, phone-line, and printer with the few people we have on the committee has been challenging.  We can only serve for so-long before we get burned out.  Ideally, we would have trained successors to take our place.  This isn’t happening at a satisfactory rate; if this continues, we won’t have enough posterity to carrying the torch for future addicts seeking recovery.  Let’s be clear, service is work that goes beyond just showing up for the committee meeting.  We have jobs that must get completed and these jobs require knowledge, skill, and understanding to be completed properly.  Without training, all the warm bodies in the world won’t help.   I am very grateful for the opportunity to be a ‘part-of’, but I am concerned that the pool of volunteers is diminishing.  All service workers at all levels of service need to pass on their knowledge and skills to those that come after us.  We need consistency and longevity for our service work to have any impact.    

On a more upbeat note, I do want to recognize and thank all the members and volunteers that are currently fighting the good fight and taking on the sacrifice of service work.  H&I astounded us with a real mockup panel at their Learning Day event that was topped off with an NA Jeopardy game and lots of laughs! A huge shout out to our Area Chair, Randy V. for stepping up to handle the logistics around getting a replacement printer while our printer was getting fix.  Special thanks to all the work RACNA and its sub-committees are doing in raising funds for our next convention in February. These fundraisers have been informative, fun and entertaining.  Let’s not forget Activities, who provided the follow-up picnic for our incredibly successful Poster Drive and is constantly seeking new ways of offering fun, exciting, wholesome events for fellowshipping.

As I stated earlier, here is a list of topics I would like to write about in the future.  I am hoping for participation via email feedback so this is truly a WE newsletter. 

• Donations: Comparing the purchase power of $1.00 in 1989 to today.

• The Sacrifice of Service.

• Fun Activities in Recovery.

• GOD? Personal Relationship.

• Regrets.

• Time Management and Priorities.

• Other NA Regions and Areas.

• Keeping your word.

• Helping one another.  What does it mean to me?

• Skies the Limit…what we can accomplish.

• Nonprofit status 501c3 explained. Pro’s and Con’s whether real or imagined.

• Service Structure Simplified.

• The value of effective communications.

• Handling NA monies.

• What does it mean to live the program?

• We’ve always done it that way…


 I would be neglectful if I didn't let everyone know that all our Area sub-committees are still looking for more support.  I am sure that we all know that "many hands make light work"; so, let's all chip in and help ease the burden of those who have been carrying this Area for many years.  All you need is some willingness and minimal clean time. Check our web site out for contact information (http://rochesterny-na.org/contacts).



 Don't forget to purchase your tickets for the RACNA 23 Holiday GALA Dinner/Dance event on December 3rd, 2016 (http://rochesterny-na.org/racna-23-holiday-gala-12-3-2016).


In Loving Service,

Dan B. , Newsletter Coordinator

“If we want something we never had, we will need to try some things we have never tried, and have some faith.” (Living Clean –The Journey Continues, pg. 192)




Upcoming Events

Mary L. Celebrates 5 Years (10-28-2016)

Mary L. Will Celebrate 5 Years of Recovery On Friday, October 28th, 2016 At I Just Don't Know  30 Amity Street Spencerport, NY At 7:00 PM - 8:30 PM

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Damon M Celebrates 3 years (12-5-2016)

Damon M. Will Celebrate 3 Years of Recovery On Monday, December 5th, 2016 At Talking Heads 350 Chili Ave. Rochester, NY At 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM

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RACNA 23 Holiday Gala (12-3-2016)

If you are using a Mobile device, you may call to purchase your tickets by clicking on any of the following links: Call Johny H. To Purchase Gala Tickets Call Terry B. To Purchase Gala Tickets Call Marcetta J. To Purchase Gala Tickets Call Angela C. To Purchase Gala Tickets Call Dianne P. To Purchase Gala Tickets Call Dan B. …

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RACNA 23 - Feb. 24, 25, 26 2017 (Flyer is coming soon)                              



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