RASC Newsletter # 14 - Sept. 5, 2016


 Summer Reflections

I just want to send a great big thank you out to all those that helped plan and participate in all the events that our Area has put on this summer. Most of the events were fundraisers for RACNA 23 but a few were put on by NA members or groups to demonstrate their gratitude and love for the Fellowship. Thanks again.

We tested the waters at our new venue for events when we held some Speaker Jams at 46 Mt. Hope Ave.  This venue is conveniently located, handicapped accessible, has plenty of parking and is Air Conditioned!  I think it is safe to say that we will have more events her in the future...maybe even a meeting or two...

For all GSR's that haven't heard, we have GSR training every second Sunday of the month, just prior to Area. Please come and learn what it takes to serve your Group and Area while seeing the Steps and Traditions unfold in our lives in real time. It is exciting.  I have been GSR for a few + years now and am loving it. 

Our Area has had a printer now for nearly six months and communicating via print has definitely enhanced our ability to take care of business at the Area and sub-committee levels. We are now able to print flyers, minutes and meeting lists so that everyone can be on the same page and know what is going on in our Area.  We are in the process of determining how to extend printing benefits to GSR's and their groups at a nominal fee.  Our prices will be considerably less than anywhere else.  This will allow us to ensure that all groups have the opportunity to save on their printing costs.

What else are we working on?  Well, glad you asked.  We are currently looking into getting a Tax ID with a tax exempt status. This will save the Area a lot of money. It will also allow us to do online transactions for ticket sales for the conventions and events.  This will streamline the auditing processes required each year and make purchasing tickets way easier and more convenient, especially for out-of-towners.  Further out are plans to get 501c3 status to establish a legal non-profit status which brings even more benefits and privileges.

Hospitals and Institutions/Public Relations are putting on a learning day September 17, 1 pm at 243 Rosedale (http://rochesterny-na.org/hospitals-and-institutions-public-relations-learning-day) . I do service work for both of these committees and can personal attest to the fact that "We keep what we have by giving it away".  Sharing my story to those who can't get to a meeting outside has been very rewarding.  Initially, it has helped me overcome my fear of voluntarily going behind bars/locked doors.  Each time I share, I get a sense of relief that I have overcome yet another obstacle in my journey of recovery.  I also am rewarded with a deep sense of satisfaction knowing that I may have said something that will someday save someone's life.

Following, on September 24th, 10 am at 243 Rosedale (http://rochesterny-na.org/rasc-2016-annual-poster-drive-sept-24th-2016 ),  Public Relations is putting on a poster drive...No, this isn't promoting N.A., this is informing the public that we are still here and willing to help anyone struggling with the disease of addiction.  We do this by placing Posters with our Help-Line information in prominent locations.  We can also take this opportunity to place meeting lists and pamplets in various locations as well. 

 I would be neglectful if I didn't let everyone know that all our Area sub-committees are still looking for more support.  I am sure that we all know that "many hands make light work"; so, let's all chip in and help ease the burden of those who have been carrying this Area for many years.  All you need is some willingness and minimal clean time. Check our web site out for contact information (http://rochesterny-na.org/contacts).

On a final note, I would like to post the following brief personal story submitted to PR a few months back by a 36 year old from Nepal named Prabin G,  He has 12 years clean and I have edited his original submission with his permission:


My Journey,

My life begins when I wake up early in the morning. My clean time started when I stopped using narcotics. Because of my humanness, I had to kill the devil inside me which ruled my life from top to bottom. It was not easy, but not impossible either. I believe I was born an addict with addictive behaviors and tendencies. I slowly became aware of these behaviors when I started to act differently than my colleagues in my class. I was in the early stages of addiction which progressed into destructive behavior. I was having difficulty finding myself.   I lost everything. My addiction was out of control. I was even afraid to look at my own reflection.

I cried…screaming and crawling on my knees, fearful of going outside. I was jealous of others that were happy and smiling. I pleaded, “Why me, why am I hurting and sad?” Slowly over time, I was becoming insane. One day I nearly killed myself by gas exploding in my locked room. I was not afraid to die but was tired of not knowing who I was or what my purpose in life was...but God spared my life more than once. I know He has a purpose for my life, and that is to stay alive and carry the message of N.A.

In N.A., I started to feel my heart beat; I started to feel my life; I started to love myself. Over time, I have learned to live my life on life’s terms. The people in the ‘rooms’ inspired me to go back to school. I wish all people would get a chance to attend an N.A. meeting at least once.

Jemes – Addict

Clean Date – December 2, 2004, Thursday


 Don't forget to purchase your tickets for the RACNA 23 Holiday GALA Dinner/Speaker event on December 3rd, 2016 (http://rochesterny-na.org/racna-23-holiday-gala-12-3-2016).

I sign off with this lovely picture (see below) taken by Chris L. from aboard the Harbor Town Belle paddle boat on Lake Ontario.


In Loving Service,

Dan B. , Newsletter Coordinator

“If we want something we never had, we will need to try some things we have never tried, and have some faith.” (Living Clean –The Journey Continues, pg. 192)




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