RASC Newsletter # 10 - May 20, 2016

So glad the nicer weather is approaching.  This is the time of year that we will start seeing more events being planned and flyers being posted on our web site.  I encourage you to attend as many as you are able and continue to check our web site or twitter tweets for new posts. 

I recently attended the May 14th speaker jam at the Flying Squirrel and was not disappointed.  I was selected to be one of the speakers and did not hesitate to accept the invitation. Sure, I was scared, nervous, apprehensive...but it all worked out.  I don't have any professional speaking skills per se' but, as I found out later, it didn't matter.  A lot of addicts actually got something out of my message (which was really me just babbling off the cuff).  I was delighted when the "audience" clapped and came up to give me hugs. What a wonderful feeling to be a "Part Of".

Let's give a great big shout out to the F&E subcommittee for making this event possible and feeding us to boot!  Also, to H&H for greeting and hugging and assisting in the parking lot detail. Last but not least, a great big THANK YOU to all the guest speakers who went the extra mile (literally) to carry the message of recovery. 

Public relations is still looking for anyone willing to assist us on this newsletter. If you got a knack (or don't but would like to try) for reporting or writing, we would love to hear from you. You can contact us via the link below.

On a final note, we are still working out the kinks to the newsletter; so, you may not see a consistent publishing schedule and the topics may bounce around a lot.  Also, we will be sending out emails (using this newsletter format) to our subscribers reminding them of upcoming events.  If you would like more 'real-time" notifications, you can follow us on twitter. (https://twitter.com/RASCNANY).

 In loving service,

Dan B.

Newsletter Coordinator




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