RASC Newsletter # 7

Aside from some parking challenges, the Fundraising & Entertainment event last night was a hit.  As introverted a personality I am, the fellowship was contagious and together the 'we' helped 'me' come out of my shell. 

It started with the Art exhibit which was the first thing that caught my attention.  As cynical and pessimistic as I am, I was once again proved wrong in my thinking and expectations.  The art was fantastic!  I was able to talk with each of the artist and received their permission to post their art in this newsletter.  I will let the art speak for itself.

Then came the entertainment.  Now, I have to say that I am a 'lump on the log' kind of guy, but as I was listening to the music and watching the superb dancers bust moves that Jay Lo would envy, I found my hips moving in my chair and my feet moving to the beat.  Even though I was still too shy to get up and dance (still self conscience in many ways), I was thoroughly entertained, especially when the karaoke began.  Kudos to all those brave enough to take a chance and sing and dance.

At last the hors d'oeuvres arrived.  I don't know what anything was but it was visually appealing (artistic even...) and oh so delicious.  A special shout out to the chef(s). There was plenty of coffee, food and RACNA 22 merchandise on hand for those of us who love to drink, eat and shop...

Congratulations to F&E, the DJ, the artists, and all those who helped make this event possible...job well done!

Art Exhibit

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